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The Aristocrat Restaurant
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The Aristocrat Restaurant
" Aurora HR is an efficient ATPS (Automated Timekeeping and Payroll System). The system rarely encounters issues during use and when it does, it is swiftly resolved because of the provider's good after-sales and customer service. It is user-friendly because of its easy-to-use features. They automatically update their softwares so expect that your system is always at the latest, compliant with the BIR, SSS, PHIC, and PagIBIG policies. "
WorldSource Inc.
" We had been talking to various payroll solutions for about two years, but only AuroraHR was able to accommodate all the customization we required to match the system with the policies we have in place. The system is trustworthy, simple to use, quick, and economical. The support and technical teams deserve high commendation for promptly offering assistance even at short notice. You'll get the impression that they always put you first. The best part is that they value our feedback and suggestions. We always look forward to the system’s new features as they continue to enhance their client services. AuroraHR and its team is doing exceptional work! To invest with them is a worthy endeavor. " - HR Manager
Hop Inn Hotel
" The system is user friendly. Nothing complicated. Runs smoothly in terms of all features. All reports can be customized. Makes the life of HR and Finance easier. Price is fair. The owner is very accommodating and helpful. On-call at any time. " - Ms. Crised Lopez, HR Manager
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